Future Procurement


Desired Firearms


SigArms Model SigPro 2340

Caliber: .357Sig/.40

Sig wanted to make a polymer version of their firearms and thusly the SigPro 2340 was created.  Like many modern day handguns, the slide is metal but the receiver is made of high tech plastics.  It also has an updated appearance from their classic compact size pistols like the 228 and 229.  The SigPro 2340 is available in the .357Sig/.40 combo.  The SigPro 2009 is essentially the same weapon chambered in 9mm Luger.  The most updated version of the SigPro is the 2022.  This comes in the .357Sig/.40 or 9mm as well.  The only major difference between the older SigPro's and the new SigPro 2022 is the rail system.  2340 and 2009 utilize Sig rails, which now have very limited use especially compared to the more standardized military rail, the picatinny rail system.  The 2022 has the updated rail system.  The 2022 rail can support attachments like the popular M3 light without any frame modification.  The reason why I would choose the 2340 over the 2022 is because a very special laser attachment was made exclusively for the Sig rail version, which when attached makes the laser look as if it was a continuous part of the handgun than a separate component altogether.  It is pictured on the right.  Also, if needed, an adapter is available to convert the Sig rail to a picatinny rail.

Beretta Model M9A1

Caliber: 9mm Luger

The 92FS is such a popular gun in modern day media and it is also used by the U.S. military, like the U.S. Army, as their standard issue sidearm.  Law Enforcement agencies use this weapon as their standard choice of 9mm like the LAPD.  The model M9A1 is Beretta's updated version of the popular 92FS, designated M9 for military service, has picatinny rail built into the frame.  It also has a new grip that uses horizontal lines instead of vertical.  Looks more comfortable to me!


Springfield Armory Model M1A

Caliber: .308 Win (7.62mm NATO)

A very sleek and sexy rifle.  It is the semi-automatic civilian version of the popular military rifle M14 capable of full automatic fire.  This baby comes in many different sizes and I can't decide which one I would get.  The first is the standard size M1A with barrel length at 22", then the Scout with barrel length at 18", and finally the SOCOM with barrel length at 16".  If I had the money, I would get all 3.  The M1A SOCOM has two editions, the SOCOM 16, the standard 16" M1A and the SOCOM II, essentially the same rifle with SpringField Armory's cluster rail system.  The SOCOM II is pictured to the right with an Aimpoint Reddot sight and a weapon light.  The Scout is sporting an Aimpoint along with a Harris Bi-pod.

Remington Model M24

Caliber: .308 Win

The sniper rifle of the U.S. Army.  The U.S. Marine's issue sniper rifle is the M40, a similar rifle.  It's built on the legendary Remington Model 700.  I want the M24 SWS, which is the sniper weapon system, a M24 kit that is issued to Military and Law Enforcement snipers.  The deployment kit comes with a break down of essential sniper components.  The retail would come to be around $7,000.